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Let Global Health College Prepare You

October 30, 2016
A private school of nursing that is focused solely on nursing education, Global Health College (GHC) has been helping to prepare medical professionals for highly productive careers in nursing for more than a decade. Regardless of your goal, Global Health College can prepare an educational track that fits your individual needs. The founder and president of GHC is a nurse with plenty of practical experience in the field. That means the lessons they teach contain a lot of real world experience.

Global Health College can help almost anyone who wants a medical career. They havebeen approved by the Virginia Department of Veterans Services to provide education and training to veterans and others eligible under the GI Bill. They have also undertaken an outreach program to offer greater services to those in high school. They also hold special College Nights at GHC as a service for prospective students as well as their parents and school counselors and they offer scholarships to help students pay to fulfill their dreams of a medical career. Whether a student wants to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree, a Registered Nursing Associate Degree, or they want a Practical Nursing Diploma, or just a Medication Aide or a Nurse's Aide Certificate, Global Health College has whatever fits their needs.